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Semi-Automatic Equipment

Static Solutions

Our welding process can be carried out through a variety of static solutions.  These systems contain application-specific tooling packages, complete with full customer support and welding process validation carried out by our engineering and project management teams.  Installation, training, and start-up assistance are also included for each of these base systems. 

   Emabond Solutions has CE compliant systems available.

These systems can be very basic single fixture, semi-automatic, or manual based. Emabond Solutions offers three basic size ranges in addition to custom design systems: 

Mini Welder - 1 kilowatt totally self-contained typically used for small part assembly up to about 5" in diameter or effective weld length. 300 watt and 600 watt capabitlity available for small benchtop systems.





Mid Size Welder - our most versatile system available in power ranges including 2, 3 and 5 kilowatt. These systems are offered in a wide variety of configurations for single and multiple part welding.

Large Welder - 5 kilowatt for large parts including configurations for welding of large pressure tanks and vessels.

Custom - we will sit down with you to understand and define a system that will meet your demanding requirements.


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