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         Superior Plastic Welds for Demanding Applications

The Emabond® Process provides innovative plastic part design and assembly. It is an enabling technology that picks up where traditional plastic welding methods leave off. Emabond offers turnkey solutions - including application engineering, system design and development, and ongoing support as needed. Whether you're faced with an existing plastic welding challenge or are developing a brand new product, let Emabond be your partner for high-performance plastic welding.

 How Emabond Can Help You
Welding We recognize that the key to customer satisfaction and success is delivering superior, cost-effective assembly solutions for performance materials.
 Plastic Welding
Welding Emabond specializes in high performance plastic welding. Learn more about the various methods and what separates the Emabond process apart.
Welding The Emabond process has been specified for a wide range of demanding applications that require a reliable leakproof, high pressure or structural weld. Explore a range of examples by market, material type or performance.
 System Solutions
Welding The Emabond team can engineer solutions for a variety of requirements for small to large parts and for low to high volume applications. We will design a solution that will meet your requirements.
 Design Guidelines
Welding The Emabond Design Team provides reliable assembly solutions from a single source... follow our step by step design guide.
 Application Review
Welding Would you like a technical salesperson to contact you? If so, please help us be prepared by providing some background information.


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